Purchased a Hoarder House?

Purchased a Hoarder House?

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When I first saw the TV show’Hoarders’, I wondered how they found each of those houses.

After buying homes for years, I realize that hoarder homes are everywhere. Shocking!

One of the hoarder houses we purchased. Hundreds (thousands?) of dolls. They were in EVERY room on both floors with just a path to walk through. And boxes. And all of the accessories. I never walked through that house alone. Chucky?

But so many people have houses stuffed with things. Sometimes they’re forced out – this woman was transferred into a retirement community by her children. Sometimes I guess they are just done? We’ve had multiple houses where it resembles the sellers have gone out to run an errand – all of their furniture and clothes still there – dresser, kitchen and bath cabinets full – closets full – refrigerator full – private items still left lying around. Perhaps they just packed a bag and left? I guess when you are done, you’re done.

How do you, the purchaser, get rid of all of the stuff? That can end up being a massive expense.

1 house we purchased had 62 tires inside. What?!

I have tried lots of stuff to avoid hauling it all to the dump (think cost ). I’ve tried”moving” sales, selling to vendors at flea markets (“for only $X amount you can have everything”), salvation army, any donation pick-up resources, Craigslist.

One time, I had a house with a variety of bigger items left. Tons of old, worn furniture but certainly still usable. I put photos on Craigslist and said,”FREE. Come with a truck.” I left the house open and moved back by after 1pm. Nothing left but crumbs. It was fabulous.

Naturally, we also have spent $thousands in the ditch emptying houses. We ask sellers what they plan to leave (and hope they’re honest) then lower our offer by approximate costs to wash the house.

Real estate investing is interesting on so many levels. We have also kept some amazing finds left behind – I have a wonderful and beautiful piano. One seller texted after move-out that he’d left his motorcycle in the garage and the signed title on the kitchen counter. After my husband had some fun on it… we offered it for thousands. Why didn’t the owner sell it instead of leaving it for us? Who knows – I gave up thinking for the sellers years back.

What hoarder homes have you gone into? What fabulous finds have you gotten with buy? Visit Your URL for more information.

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